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Bunch of organic vetiver roots khamare gongolili 40 gr

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Bouquet of untreated khamare gongolili vetiver roots 40 gr- Origin Senegal

Vetiver Vetiveria Zizanioides is a grass that grows in many tropical countries, particularly in Africa, Southeast Asia and China.In Africa it is known by different names: khamaré, ceep, sodhoré, sintché, foutoula, tcham tarlé .....

This plant looks like a wild grass 2m high, its roots can sink into the ground up to 4m deep. It grows best in hot, humid regions. Its roots are yellow, white or red.

We use vetiver in all its forms. In Réunion, for example, parasols are made with straw. But it is cultivated above all for the multiple properties of its roots, whether in the raw state, cleaned and dried, or distilled to obtain an essential oil.

It has long been used in the composition of certain perfumes: its woody and green essence is a precious base note to reveal the lighter top notes.

- Use of roots -

For the House:

Placed in a cabinet, vetiver roots protect clothes against moths as long as it still contains essential oil for about 2 years. Furthermore,, they pleasantly perfume the laundry.

If you use frankincense you can mix powdered vetiver root with other frankincense powders to make up your own blend.

For the well-being:

Let infuse in a bottle of cold water of one liter 8 branches of a bundle for 24 hours or prepare a decoction for 10 to 15 minutes of boiling and drink throughout the day.e.

The roots are reusable 5 times.

The woody scents released by boiling perfume the house by eliminating bad smells.

The drink obtained leaves an appreciable taste in the mouth and its regular consumption gives a feeling of freshness and a pleasant natural odor.
It also helps reduce strong odors of urine, sweat or others.

For personal hygiene:

Put 10 small roots of the bouquet in a bottle of water placed in the toilet and rinse your private parts with this water or use it as a sitz bath: a pleasant way to take care of your private garden.

Vetiver root is the favorite root of African women. They say she is the friend of the woman.

To find out more about the other virtues of vetiver justifying this name, click on the link below:

Vetiver root, a woman's ally.

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