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Fresh organic gongolili khamare vetiver roots superior quality

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Fresh Vetiver Roots Khamaré Gongolili Bio 10 Stems (untreated) superior quality - Origin Senegal

"Real effectiveness, roots always fresh, in short the best roots I have found. Fast delivery and well packaged in their bag, I will order again." Béatrice.

1️⃣ Welcome to the number 1 vetiver roots supplier!

👍 + 5500 satisfied customers! Customer rating: 4.96/5

🌱 New arrivals of fresh vetiver roots every 15 days!

🛫 Roots shipped from Senegal express to ensure they are always as fresh as possible.

👝 Upon arrival, our vetiver roots are quickly placed in an airtight bag to prevent them from drying out.

💎 We guarantee you quality vetiver roots with intact and exceptional properties.

But what exactly is vetiver?

Vetiver (Vetiveria Zizanioides) is a grass that grows in many tropical countries, particularly in Africa, Southeast Asia, and China. In Africa, it is known by various names: khamaré, ceep, sodhoré, sintché, foutoula, tcham tarlé...

This plant resembles a wild grass 2m tall, with roots that can penetrate the soil up to 4m deep. It grows best in warm and humid regions. Its roots are yellow, white, or red.

For a long time, vetiver has been used in the composition of certain perfumes: its woody and green essence is a valuable base note to enhance lighter top notes.

🌱 Our organic, natural, and pesticide-free vetiver roots have many benefits for your well-being and health:

  • Tightens the muscles of your vagina.
  • Prevents urinary or vaginal infections.
  • It is also a precious ally in case of vaginal dryness, so much so that African women even attribute aphrodisiac properties to it.

👍 Vetiver roots are your best ally organic and natural to combat painful periods:

  • Very useful to relieve your endometriosis-related pain.
  • Relieves symptoms related to your menopause.
  • It plays a role in your hormonal balance and soothes your menstrual cramps and also helps reduce your bloating.

📉 Our vetiver roots can also help you with weight loss:

  • Regular consumption, due to its detoxifying properties, gives you healthier skin and helps eliminate cellulite (related to water retention) and excess abdominal fat.
  • The roots facilitate weight loss thanks to their diuretic action.

But it is also a powerful ally for everyday ailments:

  • Relieves stomach and headaches.
  • Improves your digestion and bowel movements.
  • Helps combat heavy legs.
  • The powdered root can disinfect a wound and contribute to healing.
  • Relieves colic in babies naturally (by breastfeeding your child).

🚫 If you are pregnant, vetiver is strongly discouraged.

However, it can greatly help you after childbirth:

  • 🤰 It accelerates healing and helps cleanse your body. It thus facilitates the return of menstruation and the resumption of your regular menstrual cycle.

🌍 It is easy to understand why vetiver root is so popular among African women as it can accompany them throughout their lives and help them stay beautiful and healthy, even after multiple pregnancies, but of course, it can be used by all women.

📆 You can consume it daily.

👨 Men can also use it.

🍼 Thanks to our special lightweight Vetiver bottle, you can take your cold infusions everywhere and consume them throughout the day for maximum benefits. Our bottle is made of 500 ml recycled PET.

🧼 In addition to our vetiver roots, you can use our organic intimate soap, the essential duo for your intimacy!

🍂 And for a natural and organic intimate detox, in addition to our vetiver roots, discover our intimate care "Mon jardin secret".

You can also make infusions with vetiver roots (by cutting your roots into very small pieces) with our reusable tea bags for infusions below:

Our roots are sold in a resealable airtight bag to preserve all their freshness. 👍

📅 Each bag contains 10 stems of vetiver roots for approximately 1 month of use (depending on how you consume them).

💡 Remember to order several bags, prices are decreasing and you can benefit from a significant discount! 👍

Using the roots

For well-being:

  • Let 2 stems infuse in a liter of cold water for 20 to 30 minutes or prepare a decoction (10 to 15 minutes of boiling) and drink throughout the day.
  • The stems are reusable 3 times.
  • The woody scents released by boiling perfume the house by eliminating bad odors.
  • The resulting drink leaves a pleasant taste in the mouth and regular consumption gives a feeling of freshness and a pleasant natural smell.
  • It also helps to reduce strong odors of urine, sweat, or others.

You can use it as a herbal tea to relieve painful periods. 👍

For intimate hygiene:

  • Place 3 stems in a water bottle placed in the toilet and rinse your intimate parts with this water or use it as a sitz bath: a pleasant way to take care of your intimate garden. (you can use it for about 1 month)

For the house:

  • Placed in a wardrobe, vétiver roots protect clothes from moths as long as they still contain essential oil (about 2 years).
  • Moreover, they pleasantly perfume the laundry.

If you use incense, you can mix powdered vétiver root with other incense powders to create your own blend.

You have the choice between several different delivery methods:

  Hand delivery to our offices in Grenoble (38). For this, please contact us BEFORE placing your order.

  Delivery to a Mondial Relay Relay Point / Shipping in 72 hours (from Tuesday to Saturday).

  Delivery to a Colissimo Collection Point / Shipping within 48 hours (Monday to Friday).

  Delivery to the address of your choice with La Poste / Shipping within 48 hours (Monday to Friday).

  Delivery of your order is free in mainland France from purchases of €75.00 with 48-hour delivery by Colissimo.

We deliver worldwide with La Poste Colissimo International.

If you have any questions you can contact us:

  By email: infos@lesjardinsdaissa.com

  By phone: +33476080452 (Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.)

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Très satisfaite de ma commande.
Produit de qualité emballé avec soins. Pochette qui permet une bonne conservation.
Merci pour l´échantillon d´eau de rose qui sent très bon.

Souissi Kebir
Produits de qualité

J’ai fait achat sur le site d’Assia pour ma fiancé , c’est une personne réactive même sur le suivis de la commande.
Merci de votre professionnalisme.

Marine Seminati

C'est ma première commande et franchement je suis ravie ,la qualité est superbe et en plus j'ai reçu un petit cadeau de la part de la marque c'est adorable comme attention

Maeva Xavier

C’était une 1er commande pour moi et franchement je ne suis pas du tout déçue, correspond tout à fait à la description et avec un petit mot de remerciement du vendeur.

Ambre-Leonor Marsaudon

Bonne qualité 👌🏽

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