Organic shea butter is a treasure for the skin!

Organic shea butter is an ingredient of exceptional quality. Prefer its purchase in its raw and untreated form (no addition of chemicals).

Organic shea butter is ideal for moisturizing all parts of your body. Plus, the whole family can use it!

An essential treatment that fights against:



Severe peeling

The crevices

Stretch marks

Dry hands and feet

Organic shea butter restores the elasticity and suppleness that your epidermis tends to lose over the years and the aging of your skin.

It is rich in vitamin F and natural fatty acids, your wrinkles can be reduced and your cell renewal promoted.

Organic shea butter helps you prevent the first signs of skin aging but it also maintains and preserves your youthfulness.

It is excellent after shaving or waxing (armpits or legs) to soothe and moisturize your skin.

But did you know that organic shea butter has remarkable benefits for your hair? 👱🏼‍♀️

Rich in vitamin A, it helps to:

Reduce hair breakage

Soften your scalp

Fight against dandruff

Organic shea butter is also your best friend during your pregnancy! 👶

It effectively fights against your stretch marks due to weight gain which causes your skin to lose elasticity. You can even apply it before their appearance in prevention for example.

It also helps to treat cracks due to breastfeeding, simply massage your chest with our organic shea butter to moisturize your skin.

Organic shea butter is not just for mums (or dads) because it is essential for your baby's skin.

In order to protect and hydrate the fragile skin of your baby or child, you can gently massage it with organic shea butter.

It removes cradle cap and prevents diaper rash, a classic newborn problem. The vitamins and fatty acids it contains calm redness and irritation by forming a protective barrier between baby's skin and his diaper.

An essential treatment for the well-being of your skin that the whole family can use!

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