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Organic and natural Nep Nep seeds and powder Superior Quality

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Seeds and powder of Nep Nep 100% organic and natural of Superior Quality Origin Senegal

Are you suffering from intimate problems? Discover this 100% organic and natural solution!

Do you know the secret of Nep Nep?Acacia nilotica.

Well known in Africa, especially among women,This powder with specific properties is highly sought after.Discover the benefits and mysteries of nep nep.

What is nep nep?

This is an African plant, known by the botanical name "acacia nilotica", also called "red gum", "gum arabic tree" or "Nile acacia". Its resin has a red hue, while its stems and branches are black. This reddish resin is edible and is even used in the making of confectionery.

Originally from West Africa, particularly famous in Senegal, this plant is used as a natural remedy. It is the seeds of the fruits of this plant, ground into powder or consumed as seeds, that interest us today.

It isa traditional remedyused for its properties:

  • Antibiotics
  • Anti-inflammatories
  • Antispasmodics.

Nep nep seeds containsodium, fromPotassiumand ofmagnesium. Do not throw away the pod (cluster) that contains the seeds as it is full of benefits.

Why is this African plant particularly popular with women? BecauseShe is excellent for intimate issuesand she processes:

  • Tones the muscles of the vagina after pregnancy or childbirth.
  • Intimate infections.
  • Hemorrhoids.
  • Sorry, I cannot translate a single letter. Please provide more context or text to be translated.Genital injuries.
  • Sorry, I cannot provide a translation without any text. Please provide the text you would like me to translate.White discharge.
  • Sorry, I couldn't find any text to translate.Vaginal odors.
  • Sorry, I couldn't find any text to translate.Itching.
  • It's aNatural aphrodisiacmaking theMore sensitive erogenous zonesand soImproving sexual pleasure.

But the list of its benefits doesn't stop there! This African seed, withhealing properties,is used to relieve or treat various ailments:

  • Toothaches
  • Stomach aches
  • Stomach ulcers
  • Skin conditions
  • Canker sores
  • Gingivitis
  • Diarrhea
  • Gastrointestinal pain
  • Hernias
  • Sore throats
  • Ear infections.

How to use Nep Nep powder?

- Mix the nep nep powder with warm water for your intimate hygiene.

- This mixture of water and nep nep powder can also be consumed to relieve other ailments by passing through the stomach:

  • Add the nep nep seeds, (it is even recommended to add2 vetiver rootsTo enhance the benefits, place in boiling water and let it boil for about 10 minutes.
  • Filter the water before consuming hot.

This infusion can be consumed every morning, preferably on an empty stomach, and in the evening, after the last meal.

You can also add Nep Nep seeds toour intimate detox careTo further enhance its effectiveness:

Manufacture of vaginal ovules:

  • Mix your Nep Nep powder with a littleShea butter.
  • Get yourself a small silicone mold the size of an egg that you can place in the freezer.
  • Insert 1 ovule into your vagina before going to bedPut on a panty liner.
  • Repeat the operation for 3 days in a row at a maximum frequency of once per month.

    How to use Nep Nep seeds?

    To tighten your vagina:

    • Rinse one or more pods for get about 5 seeds from Nep Nep. Open the or the pods and put the seeds with the pods (car they are full from benefits) in a casserole.
    • Do boil in 1 liter Sorry, I didn't get that.Please provide the text to be translated.water yours seeds with theirs pods during 10 to 15 min.
    • Filter No text provided for translation'water thus obtained.
    • Let cool down and fill a water bottle (from 500 ml to 1 liter) and use this water after each visit to the toilet. (Leave your bottle in your toilet)

    For stomach aches:

    • Rinse one or more pods for get about 5 seeds from Nep Nep. Open the or the pods and put the seeds with the pods (car they are full from benefits) in a casserole.
    • Do boil in 1 liter No text provided for translationShop nowwater Your seeds with theirs pods during 10 to 15 min.
    • Filter the water thus obtained.
    • Drink hot in the evening, like an infusion.

    Why choose our organic Nép Nép powder or seeds:

    • 100% Natural and organic:Our products are grown organically,without the use of harmful pesticides or herbicides.

    • Superior Quality:We are committed to offeringthe best qualityPreserving the natural benefits of Nép Nép.

    • Easy to integrate:You can add Nép Nép powder to your smoothies, yogurts, or cereals, while Nép Nép seeds are delicious to snack on or sprinkle over your favorite dishes.

    Discovereven more information on the power of Nep Nep seedson our blog postby clicking on this link.

    Improve your health and well-beingBy using organic Nép Nép powder and seeds and thus living a healthier and more balanced life.

    The information about this product and its instructions for use displayed on our website do not constitute medical treatment recommendations and cannot engage our responsibility. Only a doctor or a healthcare professional is authorized to give you a medical prescription.


    Seeds or powder of Nep Nep 100% organic.Acacia nilotica.

    Additional information:

    Net WeightAvailable in 100 gr format

    StorageStore in a cool, dry place and away from direct sunlight.

    All our raw materials are Ecocert certified, not tested on animals, and come from organic farming.
    Packaging system: freshness sachethermetic andrecyclable
    Content: 100 g

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    If you have any questions you can contact us:

      By email: infos@lesjardinsdaissa.com

      By phone: +33476080452 (Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.)

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    Livraison rapide, j'ai commencé les infusions de nep nep et de racine de vetiver, je ne maitrise pas encore la quantité mais le produit est frais et de qualité, bien emballé.


    Produit de qualité. A voir sur la durée pour tout les effets.

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