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Organic and natural Gowé Gueni seeds Superior Quality

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100% Organic and Natural Gowé Gueni Seeds of Superior Quality from Senegal - 100 gr

Gowé seeds, also known as Trichilia emetica, are small wonders of nature often overlooked despite their numerous health benefits. Originating from West Africa, these seeds have been used for centuries in traditional medicine for their healing properties.

Commonly used in Africa to help women recover after childbirth, they are also a powerful asset during your periods because they:

  • Stop painful periods
  • Cleanse your genital organs
  • Purify your blood
  • Treat and heal infections
  • Treat vaginal dryness
  • Regulate your menstrual cycles
  • Stop nausea
  • Fight against stomach aches and bloating

    You can enhance their effectiveness by mixing them with our vetiver roots (khamaré) and our mango bark:

    Gowé seeds also have many other benefits:

    • They act as a natural fragrance for your intimate areas. They emit a pleasant fragrance providing you with a feeling of cleanliness and freshness throughout your day.
    • They eliminate urine odors. Gowé seeds neutralize urine odors for a sense of comfort and confidence.
    • They reduce white discharge. They help control unwanted white discharge for intimate well-being.
    • They prevent infections. Gowé seeds fight against the risk of infections in your intimate areas due to their antibacterial properties.

    They can also be sucked to freshen breath.

    They are also a recognized natural aphrodisiac ❤️

    These seeds are your best natural ally against your feminine intimate problems!

    Directions for use:

    In decoction:

    • You can boil them with a few vetiver roots and consume warm.

    As a rinse water for intimate areas:

    • Infuse 5 seeds, 2 vetiver roots, and mango bark. Let it cool and fill a bottle to use in the toilet.

    To suck:

    • You can suck them like candy for fresh breath.

    The information about this product and its use on our website does not constitute medical treatment recommendations and cannot be held against us. Only a doctor or healthcare professional is authorized to provide medical prescriptions.


    100% organic gowé seeds. Cyperus Rotundus

    Additional Information:

    Net Weight: Available in 100 gr format

    Storage: Store in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight.

    All our raw materials are Ecocert certified, not tested on animals, and from organic farming.
    Packaging system: sachet fraicheur hermétique et recyclable.
    Capacity: 100 gr

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    Customer Reviews

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    Vraiment efficace

    Je les consommes avec des racines de vétiver, pour renforcer leur bienfaits et c'est vraiment efficace.
    Une livraison rapide et bien emballée c'est parfait. Site sérieux, je recommande.

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