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Dried Organic and Natural Hibiscus Flowers Superior Quality

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Dried Hibiscus Flowers Bissap 100% Organic and Natural Premium Quality - Origin Senegal - 100 gr

Dried hibiscus flowers are a treasure of nature, recognized through the ages for their multiple health and well-being benefits. These beautiful red petals are full of precious nutrients and medicinal properties that make them an essential for a healthy and balanced life.

1. Powerful Antioxidants: Dried hibiscus flowers are naturally rich in antioxidants, such as flavonoids and polyphenols. These compounds help fight free radicals in the body, protecting cells against oxidative stress and contributing to radiant skin.

2. Promotes Digestion: Hibiscus is known for its soothing properties on the digestive system. By regularly consuming hibiscus flowers, you can relieve gastrointestinal issues such as bloating and stomach aches.

3. Blood Pressure Reduction: Studies show that consuming hibiscus can help reduce blood pressure, making it an important ally for cardiovascular health.

4. Cholesterol Control: Compounds in hibiscus flowers have demonstrated their ability to lower LDL cholesterol levels, which can reduce the risk of heart disease.

5. Weight Management: Hibiscus flowers can help regulate appetite and promote weight loss due to their natural diuretic effect.

6. Stress Relief: Preparing and enjoying an infusion made from hibiscus flowers is soothing and relaxing. It can help reduce stress and anxiety.

7. Immune Support: The vitamin C content in hibiscus boosts the immune system, helping you stay healthy, especially during colder seasons.

8. Skin Beauty: The antioxidants in hibiscus flowers can promote healthy skin by helping fight premature aging and skin imperfections.

9. Hydration: Hibiscus infusions are an excellent way to stay hydrated while enjoying a delicious beverage.

10. Delicious Flavor: In addition to their health benefits, dried hibiscus flowers offer a unique flavor, both tangy and sweet, perfect for enjoying as an infusion, beverage, or incorporated into various culinary recipes.

Hibiscus is also known for protecting your vaginal flora.

You can use them in different ways:

  • Revitalizing Infusion: Prepare an infusion by steeping dried hibiscus flowers in hot water. Add honey or lemon for extra flavor.
  • Hibiscus Flower-Based Drink: Bissap juice as in Senegal.
  • Creative Cooking: Dried hibiscus flowers can be used to flavor dishes, salads, marinades, sauces, and even desserts.
  • Skin and Hair Care: Create facial and hair masks using hibiscus petals to improve skin texture and strengthen hair.
  • Decoration: Dried hibiscus flowers add an exotic touch to interior decoration and floral arrangements.

☕ You can also make infusions of dried hibiscus flowers with our special reusable tea infusion bags below:

Don't wait any longer to incorporate dried hibiscus flowers into your daily routine. Enjoy all these health and well-being benefits!

Information about this product and its use on our site does not constitute medical treatment recommendations and cannot be held against us. Only a doctor or healthcare professional is authorized to give you a medical prescription.


Dried organic hibiscus flowers 100%. Hibiscus sabdariffa.

Additional Information:

Net Weight: Available in 100 gr format

Storage: Store in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight.

All our raw materials are Ecocert certified, not tested on animals, and from organic farming.
Packaging system: resealable freshness bag airtight and recyclable
Capacity: 100 gr

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Customer Reviews

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Annie Letellier
Merveilleuses et généreuses

Quelle jolie surprise de recevoir dans mon colis une gentille missive et des cadeaux qui personnalisent vraiment les Jardins d'Aïssa ! Grâce aux fleurs d'Hibiscus des Jardins d'Aïssa j'ai retrouvé le goût subtil exotique que je désespérais de trouver en France. Encore merci. Je reviendrai vers vous prochainement.

Linda Drider

Je suis très contente de mes achats et merci beaucoup pour la petit attention dans le colis :).

un délice

Les fleures sentent super bon et en infusion c'est un délice. j'en boit réguilerement et cela me fait beaucoup de bien :)

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