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 Prisco TD recommends Les Jardins d’Aissa. - February 2, 2021

Superb quality products, pleasantly surprised by the presentation, glass bottles, small storage pouches. AMAZING!


 Sylvie Testan recommends Les Jardins d’Aissa. - November 20, 2020

Pleasantly surprised when opening the package by the magnificent scent that emanated from it, by the way the products were packaged and by the little touches.
We see and feel all the care taken in preparing this order and that alone says a lot about the quality of the products.
I also thank Aissa for the little note and the sample that accompanied it.
See you soon !!

 Guilaine recommends Les Jardins d’Aissa. - November 15, 2020

How can we not share, salute, promote these fabulous products! Like a child in front of the Christmas tree, I am truly amazed by my “Les jardin d'Aissa” package. Visual and olfactory panic, it's a real explosion for the senses! It's beautiful, generous in attention and scent. And what can we say about the quality of the products! Instant and long term!  

I am totally won over by the products purchased (precious rose serum, prickly pear seed oil, rose water, ancestral oil)! We also appreciate the eco-responsible dimension and the transmission of knowledge.

There you go, I'm an absolute fan!! Well done and very sincere thanks!! Guilaine.


 Cha Cha recommends Les Jardins d’Aissa. - October 4, 2020

I don't think I've ever received such a neat package... what a lovely surprise and what delicate touches.
the hair oil for children looks great, in any case, it smells divine. I know in advance that we will not be disappointed!


 Mado Diagne recommends Les Jardins d’Aissa. - September 23, 2020

You will find good things there for the skin and hair


 Ophely Boo recommends Les Jardins d’Aissa - October 29, 2019  

Very very satisfied with my package received 😍 super neat.
Received quickly with a sample gift bag and personalized words + petals with just an extra scent of perfume without forgetting the little discount voucher for the next order 🥰. One of the best package presentations I have received. Right on point thank you very much 🤗 .All you have to do is test the oils!
And order again to try others! Good luck to you, thank you 😊


 Niniss Bensouna Halbeisen recommends Les Jardins d’Aissa - October 9, 2019.

I am delighted with the package, finally the packages because yes I ordered twice, absolutely not disappointed with the products ordered, the careful preparation of the packages (smell just great)
Thank you Aïssa for this careful preparation you demonstrate!
I recommend the Aïssa gardens without hesitation.


 Mimi De La Tour recommends Les Jardins d’Aissa - October 13, 2019.

Fast delivery, well packaged order, good natural products. I highly recommend !


 Gaëlle Ginestet recommends Les Jardins d’Aissa - February 2, 2020·

Healthy products for the whole family, whether for the face, body or hair. I now have many products from Aissa's gardens in my bathroom and am completely satisfied with them.


  Sabrina Tietto recommends Les Jardins d’Aissa - December 23, 2019.

100% natural products without chemicals


Fabienne Baffert recommends Les Jardins d’Aissa - June 7, 2019.

My order received very quickly with great packaging and the products are simply magnificent, I really recommend!


 Sab Rinaa recommends Les Jardins d’Aissa - September 21, 2019.

Order received quickly and what can we say about the package and the presentation of the products with rose petals and sprigs of scent, the smell is just divine. I really love the products 😍😍. Congratulations also for your concern for ecology by putting your products in reusable cotton bags rather than in single-use packaging 👍👏👏. And thank you for all the little touches inside the package such as the personalized handwritten note. Regarding the products I ordered, I really like them all but I have a big crush on the shea mango whipped cream. 😍😍


 Casef Estelle recommends Les Jardins d’Aissa - October 15, 2019·

100% satisfied with toddler products (hair oil and body cream). My daughter (15 months) had patches of dry spots and with the cream this practically disappeared and for the oil it enhances her curls and on top of that with a smell to die for... 🤩
Thank you 10,000 times again for these products, really keep it up.. 😉


 Delphine Ouahbi recommends Les Jardins d’Aissa - October 25, 2019.

I was looking for a chemical-free detangler for the girl (who is only 19 months old but has a mane worthy of a lioness) this product is exactly what I was looking for! Natural organic without chemicals! Perfect !
And this perfume!!! I do not get enough ! Doing my daughter's hair is done calmly and quickly! Goodbye knots


 Marie-Gaelle Poun recommends Les Jardins d’Aissa - August 15, 2018.

Aïssa really takes our requests to heart! my daughter had facial injuries that could have scarred her for life but thanks to the Baobab oil from the Aïssa gardens, we can't see them. nothing more after 2 months! The product is pleasant to use and smells good!


 Lala Miladi recommends Les Jardins d’Aissa - May 7, 2019

Thank you for all these products which are great! And what's more, the packaging is a dream! Thank you so much 😊 And can’t wait to see the Mother’s Day gift! 😊😊