Vetiver root, a woman's ally.

If vetiver is strongly discouraged for women when she is pregnant, it can help her greatly after childbirth.

It accelerates healing and helps cleanse the body. It thus facilitates the return of diapers and the resumption of a regular cycle of menstruation.

It plays its role in hormonal balance and soothes stomach aches from painful periods and also helps to reduce bloating.

Another great service that vetiver can render to women is in the prevention of urinary or vaginal infections.

vetiver roots les jardins aissa

It is also a precious ally in case of vaginal dryness, so much so that African women lend it aphrodisiac virtues.

The powdered root helps disinfect a wound and contributes to healing.

Regular consumption, due to its detoxifying side, gives healthier skin and helps eliminate cellulite (linked to water retention) and excess abdominal fat.

We therefore understand why vetiver root is so popular with African women since it can accompany them throughout their lives and help them stay beautiful and in shape, even after several pregnancies.

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