The benefits of Moringa oil

Discover the benefits of Moringa oil

Moringa, or Nebedai in Senegal, is a highly prized perennial tree native to Africa, known for its excellent cosmetic properties. Moringa is a drought-tolerant tropical conifer native to the Himalayan valleys of southern India. It is also present in some African countries in Asia and Latin America. The Moringa tree is also known as the miracle tree, the eternal tree, and the paradise tree.

Moringa oil nourishes, softens and revitalizes mature skin (thanks to vitamin E, antioxidants and free radicals), and can treat itchy, sensitive, mature or very dry skin.

Because it heals, it brings many benefits to the skin. This oil is rich in phytosterols, known to maintain cell membranes, improve skin barrier function and slow down skin aging (perfect for dull and tired skin).

"For me, it's one of the best natural anti-wrinkles in the world!" Aissa.

Our Moringa oil is 100% organic and 100% natural.

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