The benefits of jojoba oil

Discover the benefits of jojoba oil

Jojoba oil originates from Central America. Made from the oilseeds of a shrub that bears the evocative nickname "Gold of the Incas".

Its composition is essentially similar to that of the sebum produced by the human body.

Jojoba oil is an excellent anti-aging agent that protects facial skin from external influences, reduces wrinkles and strengthens skin tissue.

It also works wonders against acne, eliminating bacteria and correcting small facial imperfections by regulating the sebum of oily acne-prone skin.

As a hair mask for oily or oily hair, it restores vitality, softness and shine.

In addition to the benefits above, jojoba oil is useful for:

Soothe and soften sensitive skin

Limit water loss due to dry skin

skin pH adjuster

Protect skin and hair

Nourish and hydrate (increases collagen production)

Healing agent, regenerating, repairing the skin

Strengthen the scalp and hair

After-depilation care

Organic jojoba vegetable oil can replace moisturizer. It is therefore the vegetable oil that you must have available in your bathroom.

It is one of the vegetable oils suitable for children, babies and pregnant women (100% natural). It is suitable for all skin types.

Our jojoba oil is pure, unmixed with other ingredients, extra virgin and of exceptional quality. 100% organic and 100% natural.

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