What care and gestures are recommended for the hair of our children?

What care and gestures are recommended for the hair of our children?

Children do not have the same hair texture as adults. Their hair is finer and softer which requires care adapted to each age so that they are in excellent health.

The shampoo:

For shampoos, choose a gentle shampoo special for babies and children with a neutral pH that will cleanse and protect their scalp without drying it out.

It will be more detoxifying and cleansing which will allow the elimination of the sebum perspiration mixture.

However, pay attention to the frequency of shampoos. If you live in a large city, every other day is recommended because of the greater pollution, for example. Outside the big cities, one day out of 3 is enough. This period of time will allow the sebum to nourish the scalp and the roots.

The detangling:

Once the shampoo is finished, let's leave room for detangling the hair. Sometimes a tedious and unpleasant task for both children and parents. First of all it is normal for children's hair to get tangled, don't worry.

Avoid products for adults such as masks or conditioners, they are not at all made for the texture of children's hair (too rich). Knots appear when the hair is dry, so it is advisable when leaving the shower to apply a 100% organic children's hair care to avoid endocrine disruptors and other chemical additives. This will detangle and moisturize their hair and make detangling much easier.

Also choose a suitable styling tool:

- a special brush (with pins of different sizes)

- a wide-toothed comb

Avoid the hair dryer which dries out their hair, a simple towel will do the trick without rubbing too hard (so as not to break the hair).

And if you love giving your children haircuts, choose a natural styling wax rather than gel with a more chemical composition.

And for frizzy, curly or frizzy hair?

organic natural children's hair care detangling gardens aissa

Afro, frizzy, curly or curly hair requires the utmost attention. They must be more hydrated than straight hair, for example.

Daily hydration is recommended with a 100% organic children's hair care product. It will also be useful for detangling hair.

Thanks to good hydration, the hair will be more supple and malleable for easier styling.

This type of hair being quite complex, an entire article will be devoted to it soon in order to detail the essential steps and processes for their maintenance.

Do not hesitate to leave in comment your tips or your routines for the hair care of your children!

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C’est vrai que le démêlage c’est une galère avec les long cheveux de ma puce. Ça va beaucoup mieux depuis que j’utilise votre soin enfants 😊👍 merci pour cette découverte !

Sarah 14 September 2019

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