Put your cosmetics in the fridge? Good or bad idea ?

The mists or hydrosol are even more refreshing in the refrigerator:

It's hard to cool off during the summer heat wave, whether you're at work or at home.

Fortunately, you can count on water mists or hydrosols like our 100% organic Damask rose water. Refreshing for sure but imagine the tenfold effect if this bottle came out of the fridge...

Heavy leg gels and creams in the refrigerator:

In summer, heavy legs are a problem for many women. To fight against this, we use and abuse creams designed for heavy legs. Note, however, that these cosmetic benefits are even greater if you store them in the refrigerator. Indeed, the cold promotes venous return.

Day creams and moisturizers in the fridge:

Store it in the fridge and your day cream will give you some extra benefits. In addition to being pleasant, refreshing and even waking up, the cold is decongestant and firming. It will relieve minor circulation problems as well as minor redness.

These benefits also apply to body balms and lotions. We are still far from cryotherapy, but the cold helps to firm the skin of the body.

Fridge soaked mask:

Cloth or paper masks are more comfortable to wear. A guaranteed healthy glow!

Which cosmetics can be refrigerated?

In addition to the products mentioned above, other cosmetics should also have a place in the refrigerator.

For example nail polish. it does not like heat and even less UV rays. The combination of these two factors drastically alters its longevity. It thus becomes pasty and unpleasant to apply.

The trick to solving these kinds of problems is to put your nail polish in the fridge.

And what about makeup?

it's a good idea to keep your lipstick and eyeliner cool in the summer when it's hot. Their application will be easier and more precise.

But be careful with powders and eye shadows. These cosmetics do not keep well in the refrigerator.

Where do you store your beauty products in the fridge?

You can store makeup anywhere in the refrigerator, but put makeup in an airtight box. If you don't have a box handy, you can put them in the refrigerator door.

Otherwise, more and more home appliance brands have started to get involved in the manufacture of cosmetic refrigerators.

These technological nuggets, small and cute and often Instagrammable, allow us to take care of our makeup by offering it a stable environment. Whether light, temperature and humidity.

This is THE real solution to keep your cosmetics cool.

Should you always keep makeup in the fridge?

NO. Suffice to say that, unless otherwise specified, make-up is formulated to be stored at room temperature away from light and humidity.

A refrigerator is an ideal alternative for a bathroom or an apartment that is too humid.

However, don't put all your makeup in the fridge. Choose the products you use the most and are sensitive to temperature changes. But also because their virtues can be increased tenfold, with the benefits of cold for example.

And now ? What do you think of this way of storing cosmetics?

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