The organic shea butter whipped cream is a real treasure!

The organic shea butter whipped cream, a real treasure.

Shea butter has long been known for its many benefits and its regenerating and repairing properties for the skin. It contains in particular:

Vitamin A: regenerates, provides suppleness and elasticity and repairs damaged skin

Vitamin E: antioxidant, hydrates and limits the effects of skin aging

Vitamin D: healing

Vitamin F: protects against external aggressions

Ceramides: strengthen the skin barrier and regulate hydration

Resinous esters: strong healing properties

Latex: brings elasticity and suppleness to the skin

Phytosterols: stimulate cell regeneration

Its use is not very simple because it comes in the form of a compact and difficult to use block.

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However, there is a solution to easily enjoy its benefits: shea whipped cream.


How does it work ?

The shea butter is whipped in the form of a whipped cream (as in cooking). It then becomes very creamy and easy to use. A hazelnut on the hands and the whipped cream instantly melts on the skin.

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However, there is still a small constraint, raw shea without any other addition leaves a greasy film on the skin.

We found the solution by adding a 100% organic dry-type oil that promotes skin penetration without leaving a greasy film. We therefore obtain a final treatment that combines all the benefits of shea without any of its disadvantages and without any additives or chemicals.

At Les Jardins d'Aissa, we have a range of shea whipped cream for young and old alike:

The whipped cream for toddlers is a baby and child shea butter whipped cream. It is easy to use, does not stick, spreads easily, melts on the skin and penetrates quickly.

It is creamy and melting with a light texture with a gourmet cocoa scent.

A 100% natural shea whipped cream for babies and children that contains no chemicals or endocrine disruptors.

It can be used for the face, body and hair or in massages from the birth of your child for daily hydration.

Our raw and whipped organic shea butter is perfect for dry, dull, brittle hair, dry feet and parched skin. (it can even be used to moisturize the beards of these gentlemen). It promotes hydration, protection and nutrition of skin and hair.

  Shea whipped cream or raw shea butter is your essential ally to take full advantage of the benefits of this natural treasure that is shea butter.

If you have any questions about shea whipped cream, shea butter or their use, do not hesitate to contact us via our contact form. I will be happy to answer your questions quickly.

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J’adore la chantilly de karité, c’est parfait pour hydrater la peau et les cheveux !

Julie 20 February 2020

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